Minnesota Twins

As Minnesotans, our love for summer is legendary. Fishing, boating, hiking, biking, golfing — we pursue them all with a zeal unmatched by those in balmier climes. But as much as we cherish summer, we’re also occasionally reminded of its imperfections. Its moments gone awry. Its dog days. These instances provide us an opportunity to sell in the Twins as a provider of unparalleled entertainment, free of the petty annoyances that can otherwise mar a perfect summer day. For to Changeup Your Summer is not to eschew its rituals, but to enhance them, with an epic time at Target Field enjoyed with friends and family.

CCO: Peter Nicholson
CD: Jim McClarty
AD: Brett Essman / Jesse Bodell
CW: Jake Lancaster / Eric Forseth

Production: sureCan
Director: Peter Nicholson
DP: Alex Horner
Color: Michael Irei/Alex Horner