Destination Elevation

At an unnamed piece of rugged wilderness, four of the best riders in North America are dropped off by helicopter to discover four new Arctic Cat mountain sleds. Each rider takes to the one that complements his riding style. From there, we see them take on the backcountry as they see fit in a race to the top.

A trailer was launched two weeks leading up to Hay Days, one of the biggest power sports event in the midwest, where enthusiasts from all over come to see the new machines. 


Facebook Carousel highlighting each of the riders and teasing out the release at Hay Days.

The full film was launched on the big screen at Arctic Cat's station during Hay Days. A few days later, it was launched on all Arctic Cat's social channels. 


Instagram take-over, driving viewers to the where you can view the full film and the behind-the-scene videos of each rider.

CCO: Peter Nicholson
GCD: Rob Peichel
CD: John Berends
AD: Brett Essman
CW: Jake Lancaster
Logo Design: Chris Stoltz

Production Alterna
Director: Paul Watt/Anthony Vitale
DP: Byron Kopman